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Board of Directors

Jean Bouffard

Jean received a B.S. in Resource Conservation from University of Montana Forestry School in 1980 and J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School (Portland, OR) in 1985. She has been Sole Practitioner of J.M. Bouffard, Attorney at Law (Kent, WA) since 1991. She has served as Chair of the King County Rural Forestry Commission, and with Conservation Voters, Maple Valley Rotary Club, Covington Chamber of Commerce and Covington Rotary Club. She is a member of various professional and non-profit organizations, including the Board of Directors at SHADOW.

Dianne Dochow

Dianne's background includes environmental outreach and education, water quality, civil engineering design, business management, and conflict resolution. She earned two associate degrees -- one in Design Drafting Technology and the other in Business Management -- from Green River Community College, a bachelor's degree focused on Environmental Studies/Policy from The Evergreen State College (Tacoma), and a Master of Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College (Olympia). She also received a certificate in Low Impact Development Technical Training from Washington State University and is a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead.

Dianne is an enthusiastic advocate for the mission and vision of SHADOW. She enjoys field work in the pouring rain, traveling near and far, hiking, and promoting the power of individuals to improve and safeguard water quality.

David Terry Jones

David was born 66 years ago to a doctors family in a Welsh Mining town. He was educated in local schools and went to the University of Manchester to study Physics. David graduated with a B.Sc. in Physics in 1965 and a Ph.D. in 1970. He worked as a programmer and software engineer for International Computers Limited in Kidsgrove, England, Control Data Canada, Microsoft and Expedia.

David married his wife, Maryanne Tagney in 1969. Maryanne and he have been US citizens for many years, and have become active in politics and non-for-profits concerned with the environment and social justice. David was on the board of OneNW for many years, and more recently on SHADOW’s board and also the board of Trustees for the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle.

Mary Jane Glaser

Mary Jane Glaser is a Tahoma School District School Board Director and serves as its Sustainability Representative, among other roles. The Tahoma School District enjoys a working relationship with SHADOW and appreciates the opportunities that its students are given. Mary Jane has a BA Art degree from the University of Washington, has worked as a graphic artist, founded the Maple Valley Creative Arts Council, co-founded the Maple Valley Farmers Market, is a board member of the Tahoma Schools Foundation, assisted in the formation of the City of Maple Valley’s Arts Commission and is very pleased to join the board of SHADOW.

Kristi McClelland, King County Forester, Project Program Manager III, Water and Land Resources Forester

Kristi brings a sense of humor and over 34 years of forestry experience to the King County Forest Stewardship Program. Kristi is committed to helping landowners sustain working forestlands. She believes management decisions impact all the interrelated natural resources and should support healthy ecosystems while contributing to a viable economy. She has been involved with SHADOW for approximately 10 years as a volunteer, appreciator, and now as a board member.

Gayle Podrabsky

Gayle is a video content producer/ director providing content for corporate and non-profit clients.  Graduated from Seattle University with a journalism degree, Gayle has been in video and film for the last 25 years.  Passion projects have led Gayle to work with organizations that help animals, the environment and kids.

Max P. PrinsenPresident

Between 1978 and 1995, as Max and Erin worked to acquire the property for preservation, they learned more and more about the unique significance of Shadow Lake Bog, and continued on to establish SHADOW as an organization. Max has been on the King Conservation District Board for 9 years, and is currently an associate supervisor. He represents SHADOW on the WRIA 9 Council, Middle Green River Coalition and Cedar River Council. 

Klaus O. Richter

Klaus has been involved with SHADOW since its inception and has been a major contributor to its educational programming and ecological restoration projects. He is recognized and awarded for his research on amphibian habitat and wetland biology, and is a life-long advocate for wetland protection. Among his many contributions to the founding of SHADOW and its education programs, Klaus designed the Amphibian Pond and is the namesake for our Interpretive Center.

Walt Szklarski, Secretary

Walt provides years of teaching experience to the education program at SHADOW. As Instructional Technology Coordinator at Tahoma School District, Walt uses his technical expertise to support the implementation of teaching and learning tools across the district. Walt was fundamental in establishing and strengthening the partnerships between Tahoma School District and SHADOW. 

Erin Wojewodzki-Prinsen, Vice-President

Erin is a local resident of the area with a passion for environmental accountability and stewardship. The co-founder of SHADOW and its acting vice-president, Erin conducted the outreach that established the early partnerships that were fundamental to SHADOW’s growth. Erin is certified as a Native Plant Steward by Washington Native Plant Society and a Livestock Steward by Washington State University. She won the Farm of the Year Environmental Stewardship Award in 2004 from King Conservation Districts.