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Learn more about Environmental Architecture!

Oct 25

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10/25/2012 8:30 AM  RssIcon

As costs are rising higher and higher these days, it is important to note that although we cannot easy influence the price of the things we pay for we do often have control over how much we use things.  Whether it is throwing another blanket on the bed and turning the heat down or getting better at managing your leftovers, every little bit can add up over a period of time.  Imagine taking one of your large monthly bills and removing a large portion of that.  Sustainable architecture is about applying this idea of conserving to the way we heat, cool, and light our homes.

Environmental architecture has come a long way in the past few years.  The processes of assembling and styles owners have to choose from have all increased a bit as more firms are seeing the interest in home owners to eliminate these large portions of their bills.  Remember that these projects do not all have to be done at once.  Sometimes there are small changes you can make to your home over time to reduce the cost of further expenses.  This will eventually make the changes pay for themselves!

You can learn more about the history and future of environmental architecture through this government website.

Here are three Seattle based architectural companies who are reviewed as having "green" expertise!

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Re: Aldo Leopold
Iv read A Sand County Almanac by Leopold! Its definitely one worth checking out- he was a remarkable man. This screening sounds equally as interesting!