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Meet Bryn, SHADOW's New Executive Director

Dec 7

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12/7/2012 9:44 AM  RssIcon

I am very excited to be the new executive director here at SHADOW. This is a really amazing place and I am looking forward to working with everyone to help increase our impact on our community and on wetland conservation.

A little about me

I have been extremely lucky in the fact that I was able to grow up in Seattle and experience all that our area has to offer. From infancy I spent time exploring deep green forests, clean white mountain slopes, and choppy gray water of Puget Sound. This time inspired a deep and lasting love of our lands here in the Pacific Northwest and an appreciation of the importance of these places.

My love of nature lead me to get my Masters in Global Environmental Policy from American University in Washington, DC. Through this program I deepened my understanding of the issues facing our environment today and the different approaches for environmental and economic sustainability. In addition to my schooling I have worked for various non-profit organizations including the Pacific Science Center, American Rivers, and the National Wildlife Federation.

When I am not working I enjoy getting outside. I love to hike, climb, ski and generally explore the wonders that we have here in the PNW. I also love to travel and have traveled throughout Central and South America, Japan, and Europe.

I am excited to start working at SHADOW because it is a wonderful organization that is preserving an amazing area. Wetlands and bogs are important areas that help keep our water clean, help reduce flooding, and provide habitat for wildlife. As development spreads through the region we are loosing much of our natural spaces. Today only a fraction of our wetlands are still here. Peat bogs like that here at SHADOW are fragile systems that are difficult if not impossible to revitalize once they are destroyed. It is imperative that we continue to work to preserve these areas.

I am thrilled to be stepping into this position and into a great team. I hope that all of you will consider volunteering with us or coming to visit, we would love to see you!


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Re: Aldo Leopold
Iv read A Sand County Almanac by Leopold! Its definitely one worth checking out- he was a remarkable man. This screening sounds equally as interesting!