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Thoughts from the Executive Director - April 2013

Mar 30

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3/30/2013 1:45 PM  RssIcon

This is my first spring here at SHADOW as the Executive Director and I am excited to watch the land bloom from the bareness of winter to the brightness of spring. With the move towards warmer weather and sunnier skies we are looking forward to getting outside and exploring more and more of our bog and forests. Recently I have been walking our trails and noticing the signs of spring like the budding of the huckleberries and skunk cabbage. The animals are also starting to wake up which can be heard in the croaking of the frogs and singing of the birds here at SHADOW. Each day we are serenaded by the wonderful melodies of our wonderful wildlife.

I wanted to share some of the recent changes to SHADOW and upcoming opportunities with you. I am excited about the new opportunities coming up and know that this will be a wonderful year here!

Opportunities Abound

Spring and summer also bring with them additional opportunities to participate at SHADOW by volunteering. We have a number of volunteer opportunities this summer to help SHADOW as we go into our communities through outreach events. These events are both at SHADOW and in our communities at events like farmers markets. This is a wonderful way to get outside, talk to people, and share your passion for conservation!

Much of our work here at SHADOW is thanks to our volunteers who have put in countless dedicated hours into our programs. It is because of this dedication and love of SHADOW that we are able to do all that we do; from outreach to restoration we are so very grateful for all of the work that you do!


With spring comes changes to SHADOW, the largest of which is the removal of our old stage and the construction of the new stage. The new stage offers protection from the elements and will give us the opportunity to host more performances like The Overhauls and Heavier than Air, two performances from last year’s Frog Frolic.

Speaking of Frog Frolic, we have a date for our 17th annual Frog Frolic! Mark your calendars for September 14th of this year. We are excited to be welcoming back the lively bluegrass music of The Overhauls and other community performances. We will also have games for the whole family, a silent auction, potlatch, and activities brought to you by other community organizations. So bring your family, friends, or simply yourself and join us for a day of fun at SHADOW!

Give Big

I wanted to let you know about an upcoming opportunity to increase the impact of your donations to SHADOW; Give Big. Give Big is an annual event through the Seattle Foundation that increases your gift. You will also be eligible for a Golden Ticket which would increase your donation by $1,000. This year Give Big will be held on May 15th so mark your calendar!


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Re: Aldo Leopold
Iv read A Sand County Almanac by Leopold! Its definitely one worth checking out- he was a remarkable man. This screening sounds equally as interesting!