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Wilderness Adventures at SHADOW

Through education and field trip programs, nearly 1,000 students from local school districts, classrooms, home-school, youth, scout, college, and specialty groups of all ages visit SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve every year.

    Booked by appointment, Wilderness Adventures are interdisciplinary, hands-on, environmental education programs for students K-12. Learn about ecology, wildlife, hydrology, sustainability, and more!

    Curriculum Structure

    Wilderness Adventures are unique because they offer completely customizable experiences to fit all grades, abilities, and learning styles. The curriculum is modular, meaning that activities are stand-alone and can be adapted to fit any learning objectives or needs. The keystone of each Wilderness Adventure is a guided, or student-facilitated, tour of Shadow Lake Bog. As SHADOW’s gem and founding inspiration, we believe that everyone should have a chance to experience & study such a unique habitat. 

    Topics Explored

    Upon selecting the package desired, the trip coordinator will also select the topics they wish covered. The SHADOW education team will choose activities that cover those topics that best meet the needs/ages of the group attending.

    Bog Tour – Explore 5,000 year-old Shadow Lake Bog! Featuring a facilitated, interactive tour along our popular Boardwalk Trail!

    Water & Watersheds – Explore hydrology, watersheds, storm-water management, water quality monitoring, and how we can make a difference in our local watershed.

    Plants & Animals – Who lives on SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve? Activities include animal tracking, habitat exploration, native plant lessons, and more.

    Adaptations & Relationships – How do all of the pieces of this ecosystem interact with one another? Activities explore different adaptations of plants, animals, food webs, trophic cascades; and their relationships with the ecosystem.

    Sustainability – What does sustainability mean? How do land management, policy, and infrastructure affect places like SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve and our community? What can we do to make a difference in our own communities? Explores the concept and practical application of ‘sustainability’ including restoration projects, leadership and civic engagement, and integrating the environment into our everyday lives.

    Packages & Pricing

    Please call 425-432-4914 or email us at to learn more or book a field trip.