SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is your local green space. Come find your place in the SHADOW community today!

SHADOW offers community classes, taught by local environmentalists, naturalist-guided, Friday morning nature walks, customizable Wilderness Adventures for classes of all shapes and sizes, summer programs, and seasonal events. Finally, SHADOW’s volunteer program offers unique, hands-on opportunities to grow your knowledge.





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Community Classes


SHADOW’s community classes are unique opportunities for experts from throughout the region to share their passion and knowledge in the beauty of the Nature Preserve. SHADOW offers premier educational opportunities to the communities of South King County, where they live. Buff up on your native plant identification skills, complete an original work of nature-inspired art, learn to call like a barred owl, and much more!

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Guided Nature Walks 


Enjoy the beauty of your neighborhood Nature Preserve with an expert naturalist by your side! Take a gentle stroll and explore new places and ideas every month. Naturalists will draw your eye to the hidden wonders of Washington’s forests, wetlands, and streams. Perfect for students of all ages; learn what the natural world has in store for you!

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Wilderness Adventure Field Trips 


SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s field trip experiences, combine the rigors of curriculum aligned with Washington State’s Next Generation Science Standards with field experiences that can shape a student’s learning for years to come.  Booked by appointment, Wilderness Adventures are interdisciplinary, hands-on, environmental education programs for students of all grade levels. Wilderness Adventures are designed to be customizable.

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Curriculum Structure

Wilderness Adventures offer customizable experiences to fit all grades, abilities, and learning styles. Our modular curriculum style allows you the flexibility to spend time on the topics that matter most to your group. Choose from a variety of topics to create an experience that will inspire your class or group! Each Wilderness Adventure features a tour of our 5,000-year-old peat bog – the gem of the Nature Preserve. This rare and threatened habitat is unlike any other in the region and we invite your group to join us to explore its beauty on each Wilderness Adventure.

Topics Explored

When you book your Wilderness Adventure, you will also select your areas of interest. SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s education team will facilitate the activities that meet your educational goals and match the needs and ages represented in your group.

Bog Tour: Take a walk back in time and explore SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s 5,000-year-old peat bog. This rare habitat is one of the few peatlands remaining in King County and viewing it can only be described as magical. Naturalists will lead you down the trail and describe some of the native plants and wildlife signs that you spot along the way.

Water & Watersheds: Explore hydrology, watersheds, stormwater management, water quality monitoring, and how we can make a difference in our local watershed.

Plants & Animals: Who lives on SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve? Activities include habitat exploration, native plant identification, and more.

Adaptations & Relationships: How do all the pieces of this ecosystem interact with one another? Activities explore different adaptations of plants, animals, food webs, trophic cascades; and their relationships with the ecosystem.

Sustainability: What does sustainability mean? How do land management, policy, and infrastructure affect places like SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve and our community? How can individuals create change int their community? Explore the concept and practical application of ‘sustainability’ including restoration projects, leadership, and civic engagement.

Pricing & Packages

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Summer Programs


Bring a group: Wilderness Adventures

Summer is the perfect time to bring a group out to the Nature Preserve. Our customizable Wilderenss Adventure Field Trip Program is an ideal suppliment for groups looking to get outside this summer.


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Intern at SHADOW

Make a lasting impact at SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve and in your career! Intern at SHADOW to gain valuable work experience, make a difference in your community and create a project that matches your passion with the needs of the Nature Preserve.

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Seasonal Events



Come celebrate the seasons at SHADOW!

Throughout the year, SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve offers educational events centered around the changing seasons. From learning about native pollinators on Valentine’s Day to exploring the Spooktacular, Haunted Peat Bog around Halloween, these events offer fun-for-the-whole-family opportunities to get outside and learn about nature!

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Join the Volunteer Team


Join the SHADOW volunteer team and become a Bog Ambassador today! SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s volunteer program offers unique opportunities to grow your knowledge, make a real impact in your community, and meet new friends. Hands-on volunteer experiences at SHADOW empower community members to act at the Nature Preserve and throughout their community. Volunteering with SHADOW is flexible and can be designed to meet any schedule!

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Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the property. Unless otherwise specified, SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve events are held at the Ritcher Education Center.