Native Animal of the Month: Black Bear

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American black bear – Ursus americanus The Pacific Northwest isn’t home to alligators or giant deadly snakes, but a majestic predator found here is a bear. With long ears, dark eyes, short tail, black fur, black bears are the most … Continued

Native Plant of the Month: Salmonberry

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Salmonberry – Rupus spectabilis It’s the time of year where the pink 5-petaled flowers of our native Salmonberry herald in the start of spring! Salmonberry is a common understory shrub found in a range of habitats here in the Pacific … Continued

Fens vs. Bogs

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Wetlands are very important ecosystems; they help filter water and mitigate flooding. There are four general types of wetlands in the United States; marshes, swamps, bogs, and fens. Similar to bogs, fens are a type of peatland that has been formed by retreating glaciers. Unlike a bog, which receives water … Continued

Boardwalk update!

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The Boardwalk Trail is an essential part of SHADOW’s grounds and mission as it is the only way visitors can view the bog. This trail is extremely important for SHADOW’s education programs, there are over 1,000 local students scheduled to … Continued