SHADOW is Hiring

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Are you passionate about Preserving green spaces, Restoring wildlife habitat, and providing inclusive environmental education? Do you want to work in a beautiful, woodland office, just outside of Renton?   Development Manager SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is seeking a self … Continued

Goodbye Ali!

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SHADOW’s Restoration & Education Manager, Ali Yeates, has accepted a new position and is moving on from the Nature Preserve. She will be working on Forterra’s Green City partnerships in South King County. We are sad to see her go but … Continued

Native Plant of the Month: Labrador Tea

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Labrador Tea – Ledum groenlandicum   Highly valued for its numerous medicinal uses, Labrador tea is an especially bog-loving species. It can tolerate standing water and stresses like low nutrients and acidic soils. Ledum groenlandicumresponds to low-intensity fires by re-sprouting from stems. … Continued

Animals in Winter: Rough-skinned Newt

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Rough-skinned Newt – Taricha granulosa The rough-skinned newt, named for its rough granular skin, is a medium to large-sized newt with a rounded snout and bright orange underside. The rough-skinned newt is the most common salamander found in the Pacific Northwest … Continued

New Rules of Access

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At SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve we are mission driven to provide critical habitat for wildlife and access to green spaces. We strive to be continuously mindful of how best to achieve these two, occasionally contradictory, ends.   In the coming … Continued