Wild Warrior Adventures offers fun, outdoor education for the whole family to enjoy! During your adventure, your family/household will complete a series of educational nature challanges along side other Wild Warrior participants.

Families and household will learn about animal adaptations, ecosystem, & habitat conservation while participating in fun, hands on activities. Activities include scavenger hunts, utilizing maps & a compass to find your way through the uplands, creating your very own upland creature, and more. Activities are designed to get the family working together to solve, create, and play in the outdoors!


How to Register & Cost

Fill out a form to reserve a spot. You’ll get a confirmation from our Education Manager and pay the fee to finalize your date and time.

All Wild Warrior Adeventures are approximately 2-hours long & are held in our Upland Meadows.

There is a fee of $45.00 per household (up to 6 people per hosuehold) for our Wild Warrior Adventures. At least one adult must be present and participate in activities.


Note: Proper safty, sanitation, & social distancing measures will occur including limits on number of households & participants, equipement & surface sanitation, & over 6-feet distance between households at all times. Each Wild Warrior Adventure may have up to 3 households participating; however, participants from different households will be more than 6 feet apart, will not be sharing supplies, or be doing the same activities at once.


Fill our the form below to schedule your Wild Warrior Adventure today!