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Why I’m Grateful for SHADOW…


A series of Haikus
by Bog Ambassador, Cathy Maunu


ancient habitat       

unique fragile sensitive 

earthy spongy bog 


boardwalk built by scouts  

bog laurel Labrador tea 

sphagnum moss hummocks  


observe awaken  

hidden treasures underneath 

fairies dance and play 


timeless light shimmers 

deep peat Sitka spruce white pine 

preserve and protect


SHADOW creates a home for its unique flora and fauna. It also gives us, as humans, an avenue to reconnect with our natural environment.”
-Gabi Esparza


I’m grateful for the bog because they are great neighbors. But mostly, I’m grateful for the bog owners who have dropped everything they might have been doing to come and assist me (a neighbor) when I was home alone and needed assistance with one of my cows giving birth. “Actions speak loudly” these folks are outstanding humans. In this chaotic world, keep the good ones close. Thank you Erin and Max! You are wonderful neighbors we know we can count on. We appreciate you both so much!

-Tanya Zan



“Places like SHADOW that offer hands-on learning and expose local students to the practice of maintaining balances in our world will serve to greatly enhance our chances of being able to continue to live comfortably and productively on our planet.”    

-Chris Schellhase


I’m grateful for the bog because it gave me memories with my mom, Sharon Juen, and my niece (her granddaughter), Lydia. Even on a dreary day, we were able to drive only a few minutes from home and spend the afternoon together in a wooded wonderland of mystery and new sights for Lydia.”

-Lindsey Juen


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