SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve


SHADOW offers community classes & events, taught by local environmentalists, Friday morning nature walks, Wilderness Adventure Field Trips, summer programs, and Wild Walks for non-school groups of all ages.


Protection of natural lands not only retains habitat for Washington’s native plants and wildlife, but also offers human benefits through ecological services like carbon storage, groundwater recharge, flood and drought mitigation, and storm-water filtration. 

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is committed to preserving and protecting vulnerable ecosystems in a rapidly urbanizing corner of King County.


SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s Restoration & Stewardship Programs help maintain and restore vulnerable habitat and ecosystems at the Nature Preserve that support native flora and fauna while providing educational stewardship opportunities to our community.

Come explore SHADOW’s unique ecosystems, today!

SHADOW Spotlight: Board Member Alison Webb

Alison Webb completed her Ph.D. in Biology at Utah State University and worked as a graduate fellow with the National Science Foundation to bring academia level research into K-12 classrooms. She moved to Washington in 2018 and started Pacific Northwest Biology as a way to bring science education programs to her community. She is passionate about connecting with people and teaching in a manner that creates meaningful and lasting...

How does language shape our view of reality?

There is an interesting field of study known as psycholinguistics which concerns itself with, among other things, the interplay between spoken language and cognition. As with most interesting scientific phenomena, the notion that language dictates cognition has a long history of debate, but there is compelling evidence in support of the hypothesis. This is immediately apparent in the realm of abstract thought, with a classic...

Happy Black History Month

There are a lot of ways to spend Black History Month. Often times, the only focus is on past civil rights movements. This history is integral to understanding the context and significance of our current racial society, but Black communities are also making history right now! Here are some ideas: Learn about Black leadership such as Black Lives Matter Seattle, the Four Amigos, the history of...

Bogfoot and the Goblins Gold for Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Peat bogs are mysterious worlds where curious events regularly take place. It’s well known that, much like a mushroom faerie ring, time passes much more rapidly than outside it. Step inside, and it may be decades or centuries before one may tumble out again, a very changed individual. Some might even call it a parallel universe.   And so it was, on a misty, moisty morning, that a pair of fairies were twittering among the...

Valentine’s Chocolate for Forestation

This year make sure the chocolates you give your sweetheart won’t be the unintentional source of heartbreak. Much of the world’s chocolate supply is grown to fuel conflict, employ slave labor, or degrade the environment; leaving more of a bitter aftertaste than what was to be a tasty treat. Look for the Fair for Life logo to ensure workers are being paid a fair wage. The USDA Organic logo means the habitat and workers were not...

Getting to SHADOW

Tuesday – Saturday: 9AM–6PM

Closed on Sunday & Monday

Location: 21656 184th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058

Tel: (425) 432-4914