SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve


SHADOW offers community classes & events, taught by local environmentalists, Friday morning nature walks, Wilderness Adventure Field Trips, summer programs, and Wild Walks for non-school groups of all ages.


Protection of natural lands not only retains habitat for Washington’s native plants and wildlife, but also offers human benefits through ecological services like carbon storage, groundwater recharge, flood and drought mitigation, and storm-water filtration. 

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is committed to preserving and protecting vulnerable ecosystems in a rapidly urbanizing corner of King County.


SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s Restoration & Stewardship Programs help maintain and restore vulnerable habitat and ecosystems at the Nature Preserve that support native flora and fauna while providing educational stewardship opportunities to our community.

Come explore SHADOW’s unique ecosystems, today!

Native of the Month: Rabbits

You may have heard that 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Like the other members of the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Rabbit comes once every 12 years. In Chinese culture, the rabbit waits for the ideal moment and leaps into action, and is considered quite lucky, bringing a prosperous, calm year ahead. We can likely all benefit from that kind of character in the new year! There are two species of rabbit native to Eastern and...

SHADOW Spotlight: Shelley Pasco

Shelley (she/her) grew up on the forested Olympic Peninsula and found her passion for nature as a teenager in the woods, diving her time between a stream-fed wetland and a peat bog. Since 1998, she has operated a CSA at Whistling Train Farm in the Kent Valley. While pursuing a Natural Resources degree at Green River College, she became enamored with wetlands and wildlife, especially peat bogs and the unique plants and animals...

Happy 2023!

We’ve returned from our holiday break and the Nature Preserve is once again open to visitors. Please note that we are continuing to use our reservation system, so sign up and pay us a visit! What a winter we have had so far: ice storms and wind brought down many branches and trees, including a large snag in the bog along the boardwalk that sported an epic shelf fungus conk. When a tree falls in the woods it can open gaps in the...

How people living in cold countries survive long winters

Some of the “happiest” countries are the coldest in the winter. Aside from universal healthcare, vacation days, and parental leave, these countries also have a mindset to help keep spirits up. Although there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that we feel down during the cold and dark months, it can be helpful to adopt some principles to curb the winter blues.  Pronounced “Hoo-guh,” Hygge is a Danish mindset that is a...

Native of the Month: Crows

In the Pacific Northwest, crows and ravens are ubiquitous, but how often do we stop to admire them? A lot of people have heard of crows bringing humans coins who feed them and can recognize faces but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Crows and ravens belong to the genus Corvus. In North America, the most common are the American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) and the common raven (Corvus corax). Increasing research demonstrates...

Getting to SHADOW

Tuesday – Saturday: 9AM–6PM

Closed on Sunday & Monday

Location: 21656 184th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058

Tel: (425) 432-4914