SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve


SHADOW offers community classes & events, taught by local environmentalists, Friday morning nature walks, Wilderness Adventure Field Trips, summer programs, and Wild Walks for non-school groups of all ages.


Protection of natural lands not only retains habitat for Washington’s native plants and wildlife, but also offers human benefits through ecological services like carbon storage, groundwater recharge, flood and drought mitigation, and storm-water filtration. 

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is committed to preserving and protecting vulnerable ecosystems in a rapidly urbanizing corner of King County.


SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s Restoration & Stewardship Programs help maintain and restore vulnerable habitat and ecosystems at the Nature Preserve that support native flora and fauna while providing educational stewardship opportunities to our community.

Come explore SHADOW’s unique ecosystems, today!

Native of the Month: Spiders

Some may cringe or feel repulsed at the thought or sight of spiders, but honestly once you realize their environmental significance, you can’t help but appreciate these 8-legged beauties. SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve hosts a diverse and species rich spider community. One family of arachnids that have a worldwide distribution, the Linyphiids, are found here and are one the most species rich families. At SHADOW we have 10 species...

The rise of an apex predator following deglaciation

As us environmental enthusiasts know, finding effective and timely solutions to the climate crisis can feel daunting and upsetting. But appreciating wins for the planet keep us moving towards our goal of creating healthy ecosystems! With the addition of the Climate, Tax, and Health Care Package that just passed in the U.S. Senate, there are positive stories. Early in the 20th century, sea otters (Enhydra lutris)...

Water Quality Month

National Water Quality Month has officially begun, reminding us of the incredible importance of clean water. Take a moment and think about all the ways that we depend on available clean water. It goes well beyond just filling up a glass from the kitchen sink. The production of food for both stores and restaurants, the ability to garden, and basic hygiene are just a few examples of how we depend on water free of pollutants,...

Native of the Month: Pacific shrew

You’re walking along some bushes in a park, and suddenly see a tiny gray creature skittering into the fallen leaves. At first you may think it’s a rodent, but this frenetic ball of energy is actually a shrew.  While it appears small, shrews are one of the most voracious mammalian predators on the planet. They’re also abundant and widespread, found on five continents in a variety of habitats such as bogs, tundras, savannas,...

Wetlands Can Catch Fire??

It seems that summer is finally here in Western Washington. Time for road trips, camping in the woods, and swimming outside!It also means that it is time to take extra care around all situations of potential risk of starting wildland fires. Last year wildland fires burned over 7 million acres in the U.S. alone, with the majority being in the western region of the country. You might not assume that wetlands are...

Getting to SHADOW

Tuesday – Saturday: 9AM–6PM

Closed on Sunday & Monday

Location: 21656 184th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058

Tel: (425) 432-4914