SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve


SHADOW offers community classes & events, taught by local environmentalists, Friday morning nature walks, Wilderness Adventure Field Trips, summer programs, and Wild Walks for non-school groups of all ages.


Protection of natural lands not only retains habitat for Washington’s native plants and wildlife, but also offers human benefits through ecological services like carbon storage, groundwater recharge, flood and drought mitigation, and storm-water filtration. 

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is committed to preserving and protecting vulnerable ecosystems in a rapidly urbanizing corner of King County.


SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s Restoration & Stewardship Programs help maintain and restore vulnerable habitat and ecosystems at the Nature Preserve that support native flora and fauna while providing educational stewardship opportunities to our community.

Come explore SHADOW’s unique ecosystems, today!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service. While our work party is full there is ample opportunity for you to continue your connection to habitat by participating in a local Martin Luther King Day of Service event or visiting a national park. National Parks nationwide recognize Dr. King’s legacy with volunteer events, and you can visit them for free on January 15. You can learn...

Science Communications: Cultural Significance of Wetlands

It is interesting that so many English words for wetlands have negative connotations. When you first hear the words “swamp” or “lagoon” or “mire”, what do you imagine? Chances are, most people picture a dark and unpleasant setting, rather than a vital ecosystem brimming with natural diversity. Yet, worldwide, nearly all historical cultures have viewed bogs, marshes, mangroves, estuaries, and other wetlands as providers of life...

Native of the Month: Squirrels

Seven species of these fuzzy rodents call Washington home, but only five of them are native to our area. All live in forests, and are primarily herbivorous, but they are surprisingly diverse in their lifestyles and range. Top predators of most squirrels are domestic cats, bobcats, weasels, hawks, and owls. The most common species in western Washington is Douglas squirrel (above). If you have spent any time in the woods,...

Young Sustainability: Coffee

We always have new opportunities to form good habits, but a new year feels like a great time to explore our practices. In this article of Young Sustainability by former SHADOW Intern, Isabella Boparai, she explores the negative effects of coffee on rainforest and ways for us to reduce our impact. Join us for January’s renewal and a year of possibilities to further habitat conservation! We’ve all had the days that we rely on...

Habitat Habits

Many of us start off our new year with resolutions or habits we want to adopt or goals that we want to accomplish. People have been making promises or resolutions going as far back as the Babylonians, some 4000 years ago, celebrating their new year in March. With the advent of the Roman calendar, the new year's timing changed to what is largely celebrated worldwide on January 1st. In his article about New Year’s resolutions, Dr....

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