SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve


SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve acquires and restores critical lands to permanently protect and steward dwindling wildlife habitat while engaging and educating all.


Our vision is that the vital wildlife habitat, lands, and waters surrounding Shadow Lake are protected, connected, and cared for in perpetuity by a multi-generational community of people who experience and value the wonders of nature.


SHADOW offers community classes & events, taught by local environmentalists, Friday morning nature walks, Wilderness Adventure Field Trips, summer programs, and Wild Walks for non-school groups of all ages.


Protection of natural lands not only retains habitat for Washington’s native plants and wildlife, but also offers human benefits through ecological services like carbon storage, groundwater recharge, flood and drought mitigation, and storm-water filtration. 

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is committed to preserving and protecting vulnerable ecosystems in a rapidly urbanizing corner of King County.


SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s Restoration & Stewardship Programs help maintain and restore vulnerable habitat and ecosystems at the Nature Preserve that support native flora and fauna while providing educational stewardship opportunities to our community.

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In my experience as an environmental educator, macroinvertebrate is a term mostly used for aquatic animals that are small enough that you may have to squint or use a magnifying glass to look closely, but that you don’t need a microscope to see. These critters, sometimes called “macros,” are incredibly important in aquatic systems. They help to “clean up” the water by breaking down detritus (like leaves), provide food for birds...

Spring Equinox

It’s a relief when we notice the shift to longer days in the spring. Suddenly it’s light when we eat breakfast, and STILL light when we get home from work. But it’s not just we humans who notice. About that same time, the birds start singing, and buds start popping out on trees and shrubs. When the osoberry blooms, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, for spring is finally on the way. Because the earth is tilted on its axis, and...

Showing Love for the Environment and Yourself

Happy February! We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, and Black History Month. We, at SHADOW, hope you will take some time for yourself this month and learn about self-care, dazzling dragonflies, organic farming, and how you can join us in some fantastic events that will help you keep habitat at the heart of your self-care routine this month. Ahh February, a month associated with the return of light to the...

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service. While our work party is full there is ample opportunity for you to continue your connection to habitat by participating in a local Martin Luther King Day of Service event or visiting a national park. National Parks nationwide recognize Dr. King’s legacy with volunteer events, and you can visit them for free on January 15. You can learn...

Science Communications: Cultural Significance of Wetlands

It is interesting that so many English words for wetlands have negative connotations. When you first hear the words “swamp” or “lagoon” or “mire”, what do you imagine? Chances are, most people picture a dark and unpleasant setting, rather than a vital ecosystem brimming with natural diversity. Yet, worldwide, nearly all historical cultures have viewed bogs, marshes, mangroves, estuaries, and other wetlands as providers of life...

Getting to SHADOW

Tuesday – Saturday: 9AM–6PM

Closed on Sunday & Monday

Location: 21656 184th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058

Tel: (425) 432-4914