Alder Grove Restoration

The Alder Grove site will be undergoing a large-scale restoration project over the next several years with the work starting in early 2018. SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is teaming up with forestry professionals to imitate the natural species succession of Washington’s forests. This method of stewardship is based in silviculture, improves stand development and promotes healthy ecosystems with rich biodiversity.

Tha Native Plant Garden

Installed in 2014 by the Tahoma Green Team, our Native Plant Garden serves as a demonstration site for landowners interested in using native trees and shrubs in their landscaping.

Wetlands Heritage Project

Our Boardwalk Trail now has signs with information about native plants. This project was funded by a grant from 4Culture. To view the digital native plant signs and experience the native plant tour CLICK HERE.

The information used to create the signs was captured by Gabi Esparza through interviews and interactions with community members, authors, and historians from July 2018 – January 2019. View the full list of RESOURCES used.

Amphibian Monitoring 

Thanks to wonderful volunteers, and our partnership with the Woodland Park Zoo, SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’ ponds are monitored for amphibians. Monitoring takes place in our freshwater ponds and includes presence of egg masses, juveniles, and adults. Over the past three years of monitoring, volunteers have observed the Pacific Chorus Frog, Long-Toed Salamander, and the Red-Legged Frog just to mention a few! 


Monitoring Water Quality on Shadow Lake

The Nature Preserve borders the western shore of Shadow Lake and it is central to the health of this area! Staff and volunteers work with the King County Small Lakes Monitoring Program to collect data on the status of the lake throughout the year. The data collected provides information about the dissolved oxygen levels, nutrient levels, turbidity, and temperature of the lake water. 

Learn More: King County Small Lakes Monitoring Program.


Photo Point Monitoring 

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve has 14 established photo points throughout the grounds. These help us track visual changes and restoration progress at the Nature Preserve over time. We welcome interested volunteers to join the team!