Backyard Habitats

There are many things we can do to become stewards of the land we inhabit, including promoting healthy habitat in your own backyard! With everyone helping offset the thousands of acres of land lost to development, we can help reconnect vital habitats that have been fragmented. 

Bat Conservation

What has caused bat populations to decline?

Habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, and white-nose syndrome, which is a fungal disease that affects hibernating bats, have all contributed to decreases in bat populations worldwide.

Why does it matter?

Bats contribute to healthy ecosystems by helping with pollination and seed dispersal, and they also keep crop-eating and disease-spreading insect populations in balance.

What you can do to help?

By not removing dead or dying, non-hazardous trees, reducing pesticide use, avoiding disturbing hibernating bats, and putting up a bat house, you can help promote healthy, natural bat habitat! If optimal bat habitat is limited in your backyard, installing a bat house could help.

Want help with building and installing a bat house?

Visit Bat Conservation International for instructions and tips on how to build and install a safe and effective bat house in your backyard.