SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve has an on-going Restoration Program which aims to steward critical habitat and create a healthy ecosystem that supports native flora and fauna. Our restoration work is completed regularly on the Nature Preserve to create a healthy ecosystem, protect critical wetland habitat, and to continue to provide access to green spaces through trail maintenanceRestoration work at SHADOW is supported greatly by volunteers and partners.

SHADOW’s partners include the Mountaineers, King Conservation Disctrict, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the King County Noxious Weed Program.

You can help with restoration activities on the Nature Preserve by joining our weekly volunteer events where you will complete rewarding work in  planting native plants, weed removal, and trail maintenance. Our Restoration Work Parties take place most Saturdays, rain or shine. If you are interested in attending a Restoration Work Party check out our calendar for times and information!

Alder Grove Restoration Project

The Alder Grove site is undergoing a large-scale restoration project that will continue over the next several years. SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is teaming up with forestry professionals to imitate the natural species succession of Washington’s forests. 

The Alder Grove site was clear-cut for timber in the 1990’s. The area is dominated by invasive Himalayan blackberry and English holly on the ground and native, but overcrowding, Alder trees. The unhealthy Alder trees were removed in 2018 to allow light to reach the understory and forest floor. Work on removing the invasive species has also been ongoing since Fall 2018. In April 2019, 1,620 native trees including Douglas fir, western redcedar, western hemlock, western white pine, and shore pine were planted throughout the site. This project will go on to support initial restoration activities by continuing to remove invasive weeds and promoting the growth of the native and diverse group of trees planted.

Over the next several years and even several decades, this project will cultivate a climax forest on the property – adding value for wildlife, carbon storage, and reducing the impacts of invasive species on the grounds. The most important element to the success of this project will be in the maintenance of the forest, caring for newly planted trees and removing any invasive that return, following the initial restoration activities. SHADOW will rely largely on the help of volunteers for this maintenance. Join our volunteer team today to help ensure the successful recovery of this forest!

Alder Grove Conservation Action Plan
Learn the history behind this project!