This year we connected our supporters to the on-the-ground, hands-on work happening at the Nature Preserve. Thank you to all who made a contribution!

Each short video below represents a piece of SHADOW’s history, work, & impact. Whether you volunteer, donate, or participate in our programs, you help further this critical work!

Education For All

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve works to educate community members of all ages! We believe that everyone should have access to outdoor learning opportunities.

Stewarding the Land

Dedicated staff and volunteers steward and manage the land in a sustainable manner, protecting natural resources and creating healthy ecosystems at the Nature Preserve.

A Home for Wildlife

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve protects and stewards greenspace with the goal of providing healthy habitat for local wildlife populations.

25 Years of Preservation

SHADOW (Save Habitat And Diversity of Wetlands) has been preserving and stewarding land in Southeast King County for over 25 years. Our work continues to protect more habitat and to provide environmental education opportunities to all.