This winter, SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve challenged our community to help us make the most of an anonymously donated matching fund. The outpouring of support we received for the 2016 Matching Gift Challenged affirmed this community’s commitment to environmental protection and education.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 Matching Gift Challenge! Together we raised $2670! These funds will be matched and the Nature Preserve will receive $5340!!

100% of your gifts and their matches will go to support environmental education, preservation and restoration in South King County.

I have been involved in conservation efforts in the Southeast corner of King County for the last 30 plus years and I continuously feel blessed to live where I do. We are lucky to live in a place surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains, elegant forests, and scenic water-ways. Although we may own some of these wonders on paper, we are actually borrowing them from future generations.

At SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve we hope to leave children with a land use ethic will enhance the health of our environment, no mater where that child ends up living.

The community surrounding SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve has time and again shown up in support of this cause. I am extremely grateful to all of the generosity, which has grown the venture of saving an unique wetland habitat to the successful organization that it is today.

I am looking forward working together towards a successful 2017.


Max Prinsen

Founder & President

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve