Northern Spotted Owl

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Northern Spotted Owl – Strix occidentalis caurina  If you are lucky enough to notice a chocolate brown, medium sized owl with dark eyes, you may have spotted this nocturnal creature. Classified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as threatened, these … Continued

Animals in Winter: Rough-skinned Newt

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Rough-skinned Newt – Taricha granulosa The rough-skinned newt, named for its rough granular skin, is a medium to large-sized newt with a rounded snout and bright orange underside. The rough-skinned newt is the most common salamander found in the Pacific Northwest … Continued

Animals in Summer: Oh Deer!

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White-tailed deer – Odocoileus virginianus As the weather is heating up you might be seeing extra tracks in your garden. Some of these tracks may belong to this month’s mammal: the white-tailed deer. Here at the Nature Preserve, we are seeing … Continued