False Solomon’s Seal

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False Solomon’s Seal – Maianthemum racemosum Seemingly disappearing in the Fall and Winter, this native flower pops back up in the Spring. When mature, the stems zig-zag in lengths from 1 to 3 feet. The leaves extend alternately along the … Continued

The Octopus Tree

Some of the trees here at SHADOW are hundreds of years old. Standing tall, sharing nutrients, weathering storms. These beings were growing tall while the original inhabitants of the wetland harvested Bog Tea, settlers changed the landscape, and when the … Continued

Native Plant of the Month: Labrador Tea

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Labrador Tea – Ledum groenlandicum   Highly valued for its numerous medicinal uses, Labrador tea is an especially bog-loving species. It can tolerate standing water and stresses like low nutrients and acidic soils. Ledum groenlandicumresponds to low-intensity fires by re-sprouting from stems. … Continued