This winter, SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve hosted a Wilderness Adventure, field trip in partnership with the Woodland Park Zoo. The students and teacher were particularly concerned about the plight of amphibians and sought out SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve as a leader in South King County conservation.


After a Wilderness Adventure full of learning and fun – water quality testing, bog tours, and a guided nature hike on the upland property – the students returned to their classroom determined to take action. These fifth graders divided into groups and devised concrete solutions to real-world problems. The proposals ranged from building a model wetland to share with their peers, to creating a website that would educate the public about the challenges facing amphibians, to selling carnations in a fundraiser for SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve.


SHADOW’s Education & Restoration Manager, Emily Carlson, had the honor of attending the student’s presentations of these ideas. She thanked the students for their hard work and dedication to the conservation of the amphibians of Washington. The students raised over $150 to support amphibian conservation and advocacy which they donated to SHADOW.
SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve would like to extend our thanks to these pint-sized conservationists and share a poem that they wrote to inspire their peers to action.