Yellow Archangel – Lamiastrum galeobdolon
Yellow archangel is a beautiful plant with vibrant yellow flowers that is unfortunately an escaped ornamental flower. Archangel spreads quickly on the forest floor and overwhelms the native vegetation. Once the native vegetation has been taken over by the archangel, the area starts to become a monoculture with very low species diversity. The fast spreading nature of archangel makes management of this species tricky.
SHADOW has two spots where yellow archangel is well established. Now that we have identified and located it on our property, we have been taking the proper steps to manage it. We will be managing archangel without using herbicides as hand pulling is the most effective form of control. Success in managing this plant comes from quality and repeat hand pulling. SHADOW has previously tried using burlap to help suppress the growth of this plant, which had mixed results. We are hopeful that our amazing volunteers will be able to help us keep yellow archangel under control.


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