“As a self-identified environmentalist, I’m always on this rollercoaster of emotions around climate impacts, and especially over last summer and fall. It usually feels like nothing I could do is ever enough. Luckily, such moments of despair and resignation are tempered by the excitement and optimism that abounds in communities like SHADOW, where working and learning together makes the difference.
In my persistent pursuit of effective and meaningful climate action, I’ve also been inspired by the organizers working on the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy. Their plan is to fund solutions by pricing pollution to ensure we cut carbon emissions, create thousands of good-paying jobs, and clean our air, forests and water.
Please visit AJCE’s website to learn more about the coalition and proposal, and how to join the movement to build a clean energy future!” –Mikhaila Gonzales (SHADOW staff 2009-2012)
We at SHADOW are still learning about this initiative and are curious to hear what you think. If you visit their website or are able to attend a training, we would love to hear from you!
Contact us at info@shadowhabitat.org