The black-capped chickadee is a common sight in Washington, even in the winter! These perching birds are year-log residents of Washington State. While other birds are heading south the avoid the cold, chickadees stick around and deal with the rain and snow just like their human fellows

A chickadee never forgets! During the fall, the black-capped chickadee collects and hides seeds throughout its territory. Food caches can be hidden in thousands of location and each bird has to remember precisely where its food is hidden when times are tight in winter.

Black-capped chickadees are curious and acrobatic birds. They are often seen at feeders, but they rarely stay long. Instead, the chickadee prefers to grab a seed from the feeder and eat it elsewhere – returning for many trips to eat its fill.

If you want a chickadee to spend more time in front of your window, try a suet feeder instead. The sticky fats are a highly prized food, especially in the winter time, and are more difficult for the chickadee to take on the go!