The start of amphibian season means that SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve is hopping!

Just this February, the Nature Preserve hosted Bee My Valentine: A Native Pollinator Celebration. Together, we learned about the value of native pollinators and how individuals and community can support their conservation. Take the following steps to protect pollinators in your community!

  1. Choose native plants for your garden and home. This provides food sources for native pollinators – consider choosing plants that bloom throughout the season to provide an all-you-can-eat pollinator buffet!
  2. Leave patches of bare ground. Many native pollinators nest in the ground and need bare dirt to start their nest. Encourage pollinators to make a home in your garden by leaving a place for them to nest.
  3. Reduce or eliminate pesticide usage. Chemicals don’t discriminate between the “good bugs” and “bad bugs”, so using pesticides can have unintended consequences. Use them sparingly, if at all, and make sure to avoid spraying flowers.
  4. Bug somebody! Spread the word about pollinator conservation and let your friends and neighbors know about the value of pollinators in your community.

Check out the link to our photo album!