The Big Bog Study

We are happy to announce that Shadow Lake Bog will be included in a study that is a partnership of the EPA, Washington Natural Heritage Program (NHP), and Colorado State University. Ecologists will study Shadow Lake Bog as well as 11 other bogs to determine what drives change in Pacific Northwest bog ecosystems. Using historic photographs, Joe Rocchio at NHP and other scientists have determined that the vegetation in most Puget Low-land bogs is changing. This study will attempt to determine the causes, or drivers, of these changes in the ecosystem.


In early May, the team installed two wells, which are small PVC pipes (like the ones on the boardwalk but smaller) that they will use to monitor water pressure, pH, and other conditions. The study will continue for the next two years and should give SHADOW and the research team information about the history, current and future health of our bog. We hope to use this information to inform our management of Shadow Lake Bog for years to come.