The Boardwalk Trail is an essential part of SHADOW’s grounds and mission as it is the only way visitors can view the bog. This trail is extremely important for SHADOW’s education programs, there are over 1,000 local students scheduled to tour Shadow Lake Bog this Spring, including every 4th grader from the Tahoma School District.
On February 27th volunteers helped us clear the massive amounts of ice that had accumulated on the boardwalk. On Saturday March 9th, SHADOW volunteers began to disassemble the damage portion of the boardwalk. We continue repairing the boardwalk on March 16th at 9:30 am, if you’re a skilled hand, looking to help, please contact  
Thank you to all of those who have volunteered or donated funds to help our Boardwalk Trail get back up and running. Materials cost for the repairs will be a hefty sum and we are still looking for funds to help mitigate these costs. We have raised just over $1,200 through our GoFundMe campaign but are hoping to reach a goal of at least $8,000. Help us reach our goal to repair the Boardwalk: