Survey of culturally significant trees 
What do trees mean in your life? Can you think of any trees in South King County that are particularly significant in your memory? Have you ever used a distinct tree as a landmark?


In the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed to live among some of the world’s largest and oldest evergreen trees. First Nation Peoples of this region held Cedar trees in high regard and used them to impart important cultural lessons. Today, our society has largely lost respect for the ways in which the trees that surround us have helped to shape our collective understanding and experience.


Taking a que from Australia’s Significant Tree Register, SoCoCulture has spear-headed a project to compile a list of culturally significant trees in South King County. These can be trees that have a cultural, historical, scientific, or aesthetic merit. The list will be available to the public and will help to protect and celebrate the unique ecological heritage of our region.


If you know of any trees that you believe belong on this register, please let us know! You can reach out to us at SHADOW by emailing or contact Barbara McMichael at SoCoCulture at


Together let’s help to grow our society’s appreciation for trees!