Come celebrate the Halloween weekend at SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve!    

Here are some Spooky Bog Facts:

1. Archaeologists have discovered human remains in peat bogs across Europe. These bodies are mummified cadavers that have been tanned and preserved by the highly acidic peat soils.
2. The term Jack-o’-Lantern comes from a faint blue lights that flicker in bogs, also known as will-o’-the-wisps. This light occurs because of gases released from the peat ignite when they contact oxygen. These lights are less frequent in Washington’s damp bogs. In Scotland and Ireland, however, travelers have been known to think that these lights were houses, causing them to unsafely entered the bogs and disappear.
3. Nearly 90% of all peat bogs have been harvested for their peat!

Learn more about what makes bogs so spooky on Saturday, November 3rd from 3 – 5 pm during Halloween at the Haunted Peat Bog, at SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve. Join us for creepy crafts, games, treats, and autumnal celebration. This family-friendly event is fun for all ages!