It’s hard to imagine that we could make any difference at all on something as immense as climate change, but there’s great news! Your 2018 Washington vote will change the course of history.

Keep an eye out for Initiative 1631 this November. If passed, this initiative will tax the largest polluters in Washington, like the oil industry, who still burn fossil fuels.

The revenue will contribute to enhancing clean energy like wind and solar, restoring healthier forests, cleaning water supplies across the state, and supporting communities impacted by climate change. It will create thousands of home-grown Washington jobs and help ease fossil fuel workers transition out of the oil industry. You can find great examples of these investments here.

I-1631 is supported by the largest initiative coalition in Washington state history and groups who care about our community like the American Lung Association, UFCW 21, AFSCME, Faith Action Network, The Nature Conservancy, and the League of Women Voters.

Big oil companies are spending over $21 million in a counter campaign because they do not want to pay for their pollution. In fact, I-1631 was written by and is supported by communities of color and advocates for people with lower incomes, like the Tenants Union of Washington. Ballots in WA will be delivered in October, so expect delivery of your ballot no later than October 29th. The deadline for mailing in your ballot or putting it in a Drop Box Location is November 6th at 8:00 pm.

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Contributing writer Mikhaila, a former SHADOW employee and current SHADOW fan