As part of Next Generation Science Standards of Washington State, all fourth graders learn about the processes that shape the surface of the earth. This month, fourth graders from the Tahoma School District are taking this requirement out of the classroom to see the modern remnants of the Puget Lobe. SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve represents a unique opportunity to observe the clues left behind by our glacial history! With over 50 feet of decomposed sphagnum moss, or peat, under their feet, students explore how the ancient ice sheets scraped out the valleys, hillsides, lakes and wetlands of their home.

Tahoma 4th graders explore how glaciers shaped Washington state.


Back in SHADOW’s Richter Education Center students have the opportunity to investigate model glaciers (large ice cubes filled with gravel and sand) to see how their movement shapes the ‘landforms’ left behind in their soil tray.

Here at SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve, science is an adventure that we embark on together! This spring, bring your own students, scout troop, or community group out to share in the fun! Book your Wilderness Adventure today by contacting our Education Manager, Emily at