Red-flowering currant – Ribes sanguineum
A native Pacific Northwest shrub, the red-flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum) grows along the coast in many different semi-shaded habitats, including mixed woodlands. The red-flowering currant can grow up to 13 feet tall, has broad leaves that are approximately 1-3 inches long, and the bark of this shrub is a brown-gray color. We have several of these striking shrubs in our own upland habitats here at SHADOW!
The red-flowering currant often produces red flowers in the spring but don’t be fooled, often the flowers can be pink or even purple. Each flower is small, about 5-10 millimeters in diameter, and has five petals. This beautiful flower gives off a pleasant smell that is very fragrant and floral.
Hummingbirds enjoy these flowers and are often hover over the shrubs along with bees and butterflies. Other birds have an affinity for its dark purple berries. Although the berries are edible to humans, the berries are described as bland and flavorless, so most prefer to leave them for the wildlife.
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