In January of 2018, SHADOW began a large restoration project in our Uplands property. This particular plot had been logged in the early 1990’s. After this logging, not much was done with the property, which meant it needed a lot of help!

We are now ready to move to our next phase of the restoration, planting native trees! This is the fun part. This winter, the plan is to encourage the growth of over 6,000 native trees across the 17-acre restoration site. To prompt succession from monoculture to diverse, healthy pacific northwest forest. We are hopeful that our restoration activities up until now will give these native plants every opportunity to thrive.  
In a mere 90 years, our ‘Alder Grove’ will begin to look like it’s healthy neighbor, the Woods. The intention is to plant trees this February or March between the preexisting Red Alder, Cascara, and Maples. In future, we will continue to hand manage the invasive weeds in the project area to ensure the long-term survival of as many trees as possible.  

We are thankful for grants from Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), King Conservation District (KCD), and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. We feel confidents and excited by the work being carried out by our contractors, Timberline Silvics. Ongoing restoration and preservation of this project is only possible with the help of our amazing volunteers.
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