Hello SHADOW Volunteers, 

Starting this month, SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve will be appearing at local festivals and farmers’ markets. We need volunteers to go to these events and spread the word about SHADOW- our location, features, and why you love nature. 

Don’t worry if you are not an expert on the preserve, you can either volunteer to lead or work with a lead. Anyone who loves people or just wants to share in community events should volunteer. There are multiple days during the week and weekends to choose from and a variety of events! 

How to sign up
Please submit your availability using this Survey. Please be aware that if you select a shift on the survey you are committing your availability to volunteer on that date for the duration of the shift. You will receive a confirmation email within one week of completing the survey with the dates of the shifts you are signed up for.    


Katie Morris – SHADOW Volunteer  

Find out more about the events where SHADOW will host tables!