2018 Overview

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This year with the help and support of our grassroots community, SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve… 


  • Received a Natural Heritage Designation from the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Became a research site for an EPA funded study on bogs.
  • Broke ground on a 17-acre restoration project in the Upland Forests.
  • Taught over 1,800 students through education programs.
  • Hosted 3 local Eagle Scout Projects.
  • Held a profitable Summer Art Exhibition.
  • Completed a third season of amphibian monitoring for Woodland Park Zoo.
  • Revamped the Nature Preserve’s field trip offerings.
  • Completed a research project on the ethnobotany of native plants found at SHADOW.
  • Attended more outreach events than ever before.
  • Over 242 volunteers donated well over 1,500 hours of service.