We’ve returned from our holiday break and the Nature Preserve is once again open to visitors. Please note that we are continuing to use our reservation system, so sign up and pay us a visit!

What a winter we have had so far: ice storms and wind brought down many branches and trees, including a large snag in the bog along the boardwalk that sported an epic shelf fungus conk. When a tree falls in the woods it can open gaps in the canopy and let sunlight in prompting new trees to sprout!

A new year has begun, bringing fresh energy and sunlight into the canopy gaps of our lives. Here at SHADOW we are forging ahead with renewed vigor towards our mission of protecting more critical habitat for wetland conservation. What resolutions are you maintaining for yourself? Consider helping us with our mission by becoming a monthly donor to SHADOW through our Habit Hero program!

In 2023, we at SHADOW have a resolution of fulfilling the requirement to become a Land Trust Alliance accredited land trust. If you aren’t familiar with land trusts, the LTA website is a great place to learn more about them and the important role they play in conservation in the United States. While SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve already operates in accordance with the standards and practices of LTA, becoming accredited is a prized achievement that would help us persevere in a changing landscape and unpredictable future. The rigorous process will be demanding for staff and the board alike, and we depend on and appreciate the support of all our donors large and small. Thank you so much for making our end of year giving campaign one of the best on record!

Another new beginning on our horizon is a monthly lecture series hosted on-site and virtually from the Richter Education Center beginning in February. The talks will share the theme of showcasing programs that can benefit residents who are interested in habitat and resource conservations efforts on their property.

Perhaps you have a new year’s resolution? We’d love to hear about it! Visit our social media page to let us know.