SHADOW is fortunate to have a suite of volunteers helping us accomplish our mission! From Mountaineer and Scout Troop work parties to our Board of Directors, volunteers are the very heart of our organization. One such amazing volunteer is Sara Parker, SHADOW’s Native Plant Garden Restoration Attendant Lead. Sara is a lawyer turned ecological designer with a passion for empowering people to respond to climate change with hope and concrete actions. Through her global climate policy research on women’s and indigenous land rights, she gained a deep respect for those making the largest impact: the individuals coming together to make good choices for the land, natural resources, families, and communities. This led to a transition toward direct action on local landscapes. Sara is a proud nerd, fiber arts crafter, and avid fantasy reader. She spends her time puttering around the garden, baking, and running half-marathons around the country. 

Sara spends countless hours removing unwanted blackberry from the Native Plant Garden and tending to the soil’s health. She aids in the planting of native plant species that will one day return the property to a diverse, healthy forest. Her work increases habitat for many birds, squirrels, bats, and deer who sometimes create rubs on the plants she so carefully tends. We are so thankful for Sara and all she contributes to the care and regeneration of the Native Plant Garden!

“Volunteering at SHADOW has been a great experience that has enabled me to learn about the local environment and help protect a rare hemlock bog ecosystem. During these tumultuous times, I always look forward to spending a few peaceful hours out in the trees working where I can really see the impact with every season that passes. It’s also been so encouraging working with staff and other volunteers who share a vision of conservation even in rapidly urbanizing regions.”

– Sara Parker