As 2020 comes to an end, we want to take a moment to celebrate and thank the wonderful people who have made an impact volunteering with SHADOW this year. Our volunteer support is the backbone of our organization. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the support and assistance from our spectacular volunteers.  

SHADOW has many star volunteers that help with everything from data entry to habitat restoration to writing content for our newsletter. Collectively, SHADOW’s volunteers have completed 650 volunteer hours for the Nature Preserve this year. Since we are unable to host our volunteer appreciation lunch this year, we wanted to take the time to highlight some very wonderful people who have gone above and beyond for SHADOW.  
Sara Parker, SHADOW’s Native Plant Garden volunteer has put in 60 hours to invasive plant removal, native plant care, and other miscellaneous tasks that help keep our native plant garden and surrounding area weed free and looking great. Sara has made a huge impact this year helping SHADOW staff get back on track with noxious weed management.  Tiba Hashim came to SHADOW in 2019 through the National Honors Society. In the past year and half, Tiba has completed 40 volunteer hours as SHADOW’s Office Assistant helping staff with data entry, organization, and anything else that’s needed around the office. Tiba, a senior in high school, likes volunteering for SHADOW because she gains work experience, likes the calm and welcoming environment, and gets to make a difference in the community.   

Sandy Brecker has been making a valuable contribution to SHADOW’s monthly newsletter. For the past five months, Sandy has contributed five newsletter articles to our Native of the Month column. Sandy has a passion for anything artistic, animals and nature which shows in her newsletter articles.  

“I also love that I get to learn more in depth about the subject. I have always wanted to make a difference wherever I could.” – Sandy Brecker 

Our volunteers showed up big for SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve this year, helping us get through a global pandemic, maintain our grounds, and contribute to our programs. Thank you all so much for the time you have donated to the Nature Preserve, it means a lot to us!